Gnocchi & penne with sausage, pancetta, ricotta & herb oil

Gnocchi & penne with sausage, pancetta, ricotta & herb oil

A dish as indulgent as it is simple. This one's a twist on Nigel Slater's gnocchi with herbs, ricotta & pickled walnuts. We present: gnocchi & wholewheat penne with Toulouse sausage, pancetta, ricotta, herb oil, parmesan & focaccia.


(Serves 4-6)

Wholewheat penne 400-500g

Gnocchi 200g

Toulouse sausages 6-8

Pancetta 100g, cut into tiny cubes

Ricotta 4-5 heaped tbsp

Parmesan 30g, grated

Focaccia (optional)

Herb oil

Parsley 5g
Chives 4g
Tarragon 5g
Basil 8-10 leaves
Olive oil 150ml

How to cook

Lightly brown Toulouse sausages & pancetta, as you cook the wholewheat pasta & gnocchi in lightly salted water.

Prepare herb-infused olive oil, mixing parsley, chives, basil, & tarragon in a blender with the oil. Blitz to a rough, luminously green paste.

Serve your pasta & gnocchi with a Toulouse sausage or two (cut into smaller bits), a scatter of pancetta, a spoonful of ricotta, parmesan shavings, a tear of focaccia & drizzle it all in fragrant herb-infused oil.