Grilled tomatoes with anchovies, basil oil & sourdough

Grilled tomatoes with anchovies, basil oil & sourdough

Cutting into a sourdough loaf excites us immensely. This colourful recipe partners a humble slice of toasted sourdough with tomatoes, anchovies, basil oil and cucumber.  


(serves 2)

Tomatoes 4, halved, ripe & sweet

Cucumber half, peeled, sliced down its length, seeds scraped out

Basil 4-5 leaves

Anchovy fillets 1 per tomato half, 2 for a bit more saltiness

Olive oil 5 tbsp

Sourdough bread chunky slice per person

How to cook

Slice the tomatoes in half and put on a baking sheet. Drizzle a little oil, crack some black pepper and add an anchovy fillet to each one. Place under a grill until hot and lightly toasted, about 8 minutes.

Peel the cucumber and slice down its length, before scraping out seeds with a teaspoon. Dice into bite-sized bits. Make a dressing by pouring 5 tablespoons of olive oil into a food processor or blender, adding 5 basil leaves. Blitz until you have a luminous green dressing. You can use tarragon & parsley together instead of basil if you prefer.

Grill your slices of sourdough, serve with 4 tomato halves and cucumber. Coat everything in the flavoursome basil oil and get stuck in. A crumbling of feta & a few bits of lamb's lettuce at the end works great too!